Dry Creek Valley & The Fritz Winery

Fritz Winery
The Fritz Winery of the Dry Creek Valley AVA is one of the only true underground wineries in all of California. The dream of Jay and Barbara Fritz, the winery almost immediately became an excellent wine gift choice because of the incredible quality of it's wines. Total production for the winery has grown under the guidance of winemaker Christina Pallman who now crafts around twelve thousand cases of wine annually under the Fritz label. Red wines feature the four classic California choices, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel (yes Merlot has largely fallen out of favor with consumers in the Golden state) while white wines include Chardonnay among others. The Pinot Noir is especially interesting because of both the vineyard location and consulting winemaker Merry Edwards. Under her own label Merry Edwards has made a name for herself crafting small batch Pinot Noir, much of which is sold directly to her mailing list customers only.

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Guide to Purchasing Luxury Gift Baskets

When you are first beginning to think of purchasing luxury gift baskets you have a few basic choices to make. Outside of price, which is truly the most basic choice-what type of products do you want to find included in a luxury gift bsaket?

While many companies focus on alcohol others tend to focus on finished products.

Personally speaking, unless I am buying a gift basket for a chile, I'd rather receive a truly top flight alcohol than something whcih was likely manufactured in China and doesn't stand a good chance of holding up over the long term.

Alcohol can offer a ton of interesting choices from wine to rum to scotch. Wine especially can add a lot of interest to your luxury gift basket because it is made in such limited quantities by some wineries. Many of these smaller, family owned and operated wineries are open to the public which can help you in your attempts to plan your next vacation to wine country as well.

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Find the Perfect Wine Club For You

Finding a good wine club outside of the main wine producing states of California, Oregon and Washington State can become more of a challenge, but staying local and then being a bit creative can lead to some so called diamonds in the rough. Outside of your local wineries (which you should absolutely join their wine clubs, for the special events if nothing else) I'd look to Arizona for new wine clubs to join. It's an interesting choice I know and many people associate Arizona's climate with only desert, but there are regions of the state capable of growing good wine. One of those areas is Wilcox Arizona, or more accurately the mountains around Willcox which have sufficient altitude to keep temperatures more moderate during the summer growing months and still high enough to benefit from some of the cool breezes coming from even higher mountain ranges close by, like those around Flagstaff.

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